Motherboard: Definition, Examples

Definition A motherboard, also known as a mainboard, is the primary circuit board of a computer or other complex systems. It serves as the central hub for communication between all

Man-in-the-Middle Attack: Definition, Examples

Definition A Man-in-the-Middle Attack (MitM) is a cybersecurity breach where an unauthorized user intercepts communications between two parties without their knowledge. The attacker can monitor, modify, or manipulate the exchanged

Managed Print Service: Definition, Examples

Definition Managed Print Service (MPS) is a program offered by print providers that manages all aspects of a business’s printing devices. This includes devices like printers, scanners, faxes and copiers.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server: Definition, Examples

Definition Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) is an integrated suite of server capabilities that can help improve organizational effectiveness by providing control over electronic content, simplifying how people find and

Micropayment: Definition, Examples

Definition A micropayment is a small amount of money charged for a digital product or service, usually less than a dollar. These can include payments for articles, music downloads, digital

Manchester Encoding: Definition, Examples

Definition Manchester Encoding is a digital encoding technique used in data communication to convert binary data into signals for transmission. It ensures a balance of ones and zeros by dividing

Monad: Definition, Examples

Definition A monad is a concept in functional programming that defines how functions, actions, inputs, and outputs can be connected and managed in sequence. It’s essentially a design pattern that