Definition Moblog, short for mobile weblog, refers to a form of blogging where users publish posts, often multimedia like photos or video, directly from a mobile device such as a

Mobile Location Protocol

Definition Mobile Location Protocol (MLP) is a technology standard used in identifying the geographic location of a mobile device. Developed by the Open Mobile Alliance, it uses data from mobile

Multiprotocol Over ATM

Definition Multiprotocol Over ATM, often abbreviated as MPOA, is a standard that enables disparate local area networks (LANs) to interconnect through a network of ATM switches. It allows different network

Medium Dependent Interface

Definition Medium Dependent Interface (MDI) is a type of Ethernet port used on network devices, such as hubs, switches or routers, to connect to other devices using a cable. It

Microcom Networking Protocol

Definition Microcom Networking Protocol (MNP) is a set of data link layer protocols for modems. Developed by Microcom Inc., these protocols offer error detection and correction, data compression, and reliable

Mobile Phone

Definition A mobile phone, also known as a cellphone, is a hand-held communication device that’s used to make or receive calls over a radio frequency link while the user is


Definition In the context of technology, media refers to tools or devices used for storing, transmitting, and receiving data or information. These can include physical devices like CDs, USB drives,

Microsoft Malware Protection Center

Definition The Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC) is a division within Microsoft that is tasked with ensuring the security of the company’s software and systems. They use a wide range

Mobile Advertising

Definition Mobile advertising is a method of advertising that appears on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or PDAs that have wireless connections. It involves placing ads that are displayed