Parallel Interface

Definition A Parallel Interface is a method of data transfer where multiple bits of data are sent simultaneously over separate channels, often used between computers and peripheral devices like printers.

Port Knocking

Definition Port knocking is a security method where a client attempts to establish a network connection with a server by sending a specific sequence or pattern of connection attempts to

Primary Key

Definition A primary key is a specific field in a database table that is designed to uniquely identify every record in that table. It is a unique identifier, meaning it

Portal (Internet)

Definition A portal, in the context of the internet, is a web platform that provides a wide range of services or resources, such as email, online shopping, forums, search engines,


Definition A patent is a legal authority or right granted to an inventor, granting them exclusive rights to make, use or sell their invention for a set period of time.

Performance Reference Model

Definition The Performance Reference Model (PRM) is a framework within the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) that is used to measure the success of technology investments and their impact on strategic