Definition Transact-SQL, often abbreviated as T-SQL, is a set of programming extensions from Microsoft that add several features to the Structured Query Language (SQL), including transaction control, exception and error

Transaction Processing Monitor

Definition A Transaction Processing Monitor, often abbreviated as TPM, is a system of controls designed to support the execution, performance and resilience of transaction-oriented applications. It manages the state of


Definition In technology terms, a transaction refers to a single logical operation of data or sequence of operations on data. It’s designed to transform a system from one consistent state


Definition In the context of technology, a table is a structured set of data. It is made up of rows and columns that can be manipulated in a relational database.

Two-Phase Commit

Definition Two-Phase Commit (2PC) is a protocol in database systems that ensures consistency in distributed transactions. Phase one involves a coordinator node proposing an action and awaiting confirmation from all

Tuple (Database)

Definition In the context of databases, a Tuple refers to a single, complete set of values in a table. Essentially, it represents a row in a table that contains data


Definition The taskbar is a graphical user interface feature often found at the bottom of a computer screen in many operating systems. Its purpose is to display information about running

Transactional Replication

Definition Transactional replication is a type of data replication in which modifications such as insertions, updates, and deletions to data at the primary server are propagated to the secondary servers

Third Generation Wireless

Definition Third Generation Wireless, often referred to as 3G, is a type of telecommunications technology that supports high-speed data transfer rates. It is primarily used in smartphones and other mobile