Put VB Intrinsic Constants to Good Use

Put VB Intrinsic Constants to Good Use

I’ve seen several tips using numeric values instead of the corresponding Visual Basic constants. Always usethe Visual Basic predefined constants. For example, you can set up a message box using numeric constants:

 rc = MsgBox(msg, 4 + 32 + 256, _        "Confirm Delete")

But isn’t this easier to read?

 rc = MsgBox(msg, vbYesNo + vbQuestion _        + vbDefaultButton2, _        "Confirm Delete")

Use these constants for the value of a check box:

         VbUnchecked =0         VbChecked =1        VbGrayed =2 

Also, use the string constants instead of the corresponding chr$(ASCII value):

 vbTab instead of Chr$(9)        vbCr instead of Chr$(13)        vbLf instead of Chr$(10)        vbCrLf instead of Chr$(13)+Chr$(10)


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