Trapping a Double Click for a Toolbar Button

Trapping a Double Click for a Toolbar Button

VB4 supports the built-in Win95 Toolbar control, which allows users to add Buttons to the toolbar. The buttonhas a ButtonClick event, but if you want to trap a double-click, there is no ButtonDoubleClick event. To workaround this problem, declare two form level variables:

 Private mbSingleClicked As BooleanPrivate mbDoubleClicked As Boolean        In the Toolbars ButtonClick event, add this code:Private Sub Toolbar1_ButtonClick_        (ByVal Button As Button)Dim t As Singlet = TimerIf mbSingleClicked = True Then        mbDoubleClicked = True        MsgBox "Double Clicked"Else        mbSingleClicked = True        ' allow the user to click the next         ' time if he wants to double click        Do While Timer - t < 1 And mbSingleClicked = True                DoEvents        Loop        ' if the user has selected a double         ' click end the sub.        If mbDoubleClicked = True Then                mbSingleClicked = False                mbDoubleClicked = False                Exit Sub        End IfEnd IfIf mbDoubleClicked = False Then         MsgBox "Single Clicked"End If'you can do the processings here, e.g'If mbDoubleClicked Then'--------- code'ElseIf mbSingleClicked Then'--------- code'End If'when exiting from the sub please 'reintialize the variables, otherwise we 'will end up with the single clicks onlyIf mbDoubleClicked = False Then        mbSingleClicked = False        mbDoubleClicked = FalseEnd IfEnd Sub
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