Cheap Graphic Buttons

You can use the Wingdings font to put simple graphics on a standard command button. Put a standard command button on a form, and in the Properties window, change the button’s font to Wingdings. Load the Character Map application that comes with Windows, and change the font to Wingdings. Select the picture you want and copy it to the clipboard. Now change back to VB and select the Caption property for the command button in the Properties window. Paste the new character in the Caption property (you can also use the Keystroke that is shown at the bottom of the character map window). You can make the picture bigger by changing the font size. This method is useful if you don’t need color graphics and don’t want the additional overhead of a 3-D command button. Be forewarned that it’s possible your user might have removed this font from his or her system, and this could cause unexpected runtime errors.

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