Talk About Reusable Code!

Talk About Reusable Code!

In VB4 you can create a single Splash Screen or About Screen that workswith any program and automatically keeps itself up to date using the newproperties of the App Object. Create your form and make an attractive arrangement of label controlson it. Then add code such as this to the Load Event:

 Label1.Caption = App.ProductNameLabel2.Caption = App.FileDescriptionLabel3.Caption = "Version " & App.Major & "." _	& App.Minor & "." & App.Revision _	& " (" & Format$(FileDateTime(App.Path & "" & _	App.EXEName & ".EXE"), "Short Date") & " - " & _	(FileLen(App.Path & "" & App.EXEName _	& ".EXE")) & " bytes)"Label4.Caption = App.LegalCopyrightLabel5.Caption = App.CompanyNameLabel6.Caption = App.TitleLabel7.Caption = App.LegalTrademarksLabel8.Caption = App.Comments

For graphics you can use your company’s logo or put a blank PictureBoxon the form, create the graphic as a separate file, and add this code tothe Load Event:

 Picture1.Picture = LoadPicture(App.Path & "logo.bmp")

There are two cautions, however:


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