Minimizing All Windows In Win95

Minimizing All Windows In Win95

In Windows 95, only the VB windows with the property ShowInTaskbar setto True are minimized if you select Minimize All Windows from the taskbar context menu. This is the way Win95 handles the window class. Formswith ShowInTaskbar=False work like property pages. You can easily demonstratethis.Bring up the Display properties dialog from the control panel or byright-clicking on the desktop. Do a Minimize All. The property page remains.If Win95 were to minimize the window, it would sit on top of the task bar,not in it. Win95 provides this functionality, while VB4 just sets the bit.The way that standard Win95 applications handle this is by having amain window that shows in the taskbar. All auxiliary windows are ownedby the main window. When an owner window is minimized, owned windows willhide, not minimize.You can use code to make a VB window be owned by another VB window,but there are implications to this solution. Owned windows are always ontop of the owner window.On form load of each child window, do a GetWindow API call, using GW_OWNERon the form’s window handle (hwnd) to get the original owner window handle.Save this value for later use. Proceed to make the subwindow “ownedby” the main window by calling SetWindowLong, like this:

 iret = SetWindowLong(Form2.hwnd, _GWL_HWNDPARENT, _Form1.hwnd)

On form unload of the main window restore all remaining (owned) subwindowsback to being owned by their original owner window. Otherwise, you mayget an Invalid Page Fault error.

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