Support The Full ImageList API In VB4

Support The Full ImageList API In VB4

To draw a selected transparent image in VB4 from an Imagelist control,as you do in C++, follow these steps. The ImageList_ API functions have many features that weren’t passedthrough in the control. In order to support the full API, the ImageListcontrol exposes the property hImageList, which returns a handle you canuse when calling the API functions. In the ListImage.Draw method, you can specify imlNormal, imlTransparent,imlSelected, or imlFocus. In the underlying API ImageList_Draw function,however, these are bit flags, and there is an additional flag to draw amask. This function draws an image from an image list with any combinationof draw flags:

 Sub DrawImage(img As ImageList, vIndex As Variant, _	hDC As Long, x As Long, y As Long, _	Optional vDraw As Variant)	If IsMissing(vDraw) Then _		vDraw = ILD_NORMAL Or ILD_TRANSPARENT	ImageList_Draw img.hImageList, _		img.ListImages(vIndex).Index - 1, hDC, _		x / Screen.TwipsPerPixelX, _		y / Screen.TwipsPerPixelY, vDrawEnd Sub

These functions are documented on the MSDN. Take a look. You may findmany other uses for them.

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