Change Your Editor Font

Change Your Editor Font

VB 4.0 lets you pick the font you want for your editor. You can do thesame thing in VB 3.0 as well, but you’re font choices are limited, andit’ll involve a little tinkering with Windows itself. VB 3.0 uses Windows’Fixed System font. In order to change this you need to find another fixedfont. The WINCIMTE.FON font, which comes with CompuServe Information Manageris my favorite. It’s small, yet very readable. To change your editor font, follow these steps: WINDOWS 95: 1. Run Control Panel, then Fonts. Click Add New Font from the File menu,and locate WINCIMTE.FON in the CSERVEWINCIM directory. When installing,make sure it’s copied to the WindowsSystem directory. 2. Restart your computer in MS-DOS mode. Change to the WindowsSystemdirectory. Copy VGAFIX.FON to VGAFIX.SAV. Copy WINCIMTE.FON to VGAFIX.FON.3. Restart your computer. Now every program that uses the VGA FixedSystem font (including Cardfile, Notepad and–you guessed it–VB 3.0) willhave the new, smaller font. WINDOWS 3.X: 1. Use Fonts from the Control Panel to install the C:CSERVEWINCIMWINCIMTE.FONfont. 2. Exit to DOS and perform the tasks in Step 2 for Windows 95. 3. Restart Windows. Now every program that uses the VGA Fixed Systemfont will have the new, smaller font. Note that the font must be a Fixed font, or VB won’t like it. Also notethat if you’re running at high resolution with large fonts you may needto replace 8514FIX.FON instead of VGAFIX.FON.

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