Dragging A Form By A Control

Dragging A Form By A Control

This code is reusable and small enough to paste into whatever you’redoing and instantly have a form that has no need for a title bar. In thegeneral declarations section, insert these lines:

 Declare Sub ReleaseCapture Lib "User" ()Declare Function SendMessage _	Lib "User" (ByVal hWnd As Integer, _	ByVal wMsg As Integer, _	ByVal wParem As Integer, lParem As Any) As Long

In the Mousedown event of the control, insert:

 Sub Command1_MouseDown (Button As Integer, _	Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)Dim Ret&ReleaseCaptureRet& = SendMessage(Me.hWnd, &H112, &HF012, 0)End Sub


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