Parsing a Variable Number of Arguments

Parsing a Variable Number of Arguments

Optional parameters are a great new feature in VB4, but the ParamArraykeyword is an overlooked addition to function and subroutine declarations.The ParamArray keyword allows an unspecified number of Variantparameters to be passed to a routine as an array. This subroutineuses the ParamArray keyword to parse a string into a variablenumber of arguments, handling text and numerics as it goes:

 Public Sub SplitIt(ByVal S As String, _        ByVal Delim As String, ParamArray _        Out() As Variant)        'Dim xIndex As Integer, xPos As         'Integer, xNext As String        'For xIndex = LBound(Out) To                 'UBound(Out)                xPos = InStr(S, Delim)                If xPos = 0 Then                        xNext = S                        S = ""                Else                        xNext = Left$(S, xPos - 1)                        S = Right$(S, Len(S) - xPos _                                + 1 - Len(Delim))                End If                Select Case VarType(Out(xIndex))                        Case vbInteger To vbCurrency                                Out(xIndex) = Val(xNext)                        Case vbString                                Out(xIndex) = xNext                End Select        NextEnd Sub

Now you can use SplitIt to split any text string into any variablesat each delimiter. For example:

 Dim X As String, Y As Double, Z As IntegerSplitIt "A,5.5,6", ",",X,Y,Zreturns:X="A", Y=5.5, Z=6,While:SplitIt "AxxxBxxxC", "xxx", , Xreturns:X="B"
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