Conditionally Compile Your Code

Conditionally Compile Your Code

Most developers know about VB4’s Conditional Compilation feature, where you can declare WindowsAPIs for 16-bit and 32-bit operating systems:

 #If Win#32 then        'If running in 32-bit OS          Declare SomeApi....#Else        'If running in 16-bit OS        Declare SomeApi#End IF 

This same feature applies not only to Windows API statements, but also to your own functions:

 #If Win32 Then        Dim lRc&        lRc& = ReturnSomeNumber(35000)#Else        Dim lRc%        lRc% = ReturnSomeNumber(30000)#End If#If Win32 Then        Private Function ReturnSomeNumber_                (lVar&) As Long                ReturnSomeNumber = 399999#Else        Private Function ReturnSomeNumber_                (lVar%) As Integer                ReturnSomeNumber = 30000#End IfEnd Function
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