Converting Identifiers into Labels and Column Headings

Programmers are in the habit of creating meaningful identifiersby concatenating the words of a “title case” phrasethat describes the identifier, such as LastName or FinalPaymentDate.Often, you can use these names to create labels or column headingsat run time. SpaceName takes such an identifier and inserts spacesappropriately. Thus, X$ = SpaceName “FinalPaymentDate”)returns “Final Payment Date”:

 Function SpaceName (src As String) _        As String        Dim i As Integer, tgt As string        tgt = Left$(src, 1)        For i = 2 To Len(src)                Select Case Mid$(src, i - 1, 1)                        Case "a" To "z"                        Select Case Mid$(src, i, 1)                                        Case "A" To "Z":tgt = _                                                tgt & " "                                End Select                End Select                tgt = tgt & Mid$(src, i, 1)        Next i        SpaceName = tgtEnd Function
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