Keeping Accurate Time In VB

Keeping Accurate Time In VB

I developed a CBT project which required the user to read large amountsof text. I wanted to prompt the user to take a break after a period oftime. The problem with the VB timer is that it lasts just over a minute.I used the API function GetCurrentTime(), which records the millisecondssince Windows was started. Place a Timer control on the form that starts the application (makesure that this form remains loaded throughout the application). Place thiscode in the Declarations section of the form:

 Dim Start&, Elapsed&Declare Function GetCurrentTime& Lib "User" () 

The Form_Load event of this form must also contain this code:

 Start = GetCurrentTime

This routine sets the Timer interval to about a minute.

 Sub Timer1_Timer ()	Dim MsgText$	Elapsed = GetCurrentTime()	' if 10 minutes has elapsed since 	' the program was started	' or the last msgbox was displayed	If Elapsed - Start >= 600000 Then ' 10 minutes		MsgText = "Give your eyes a rest. _			Take a 5 minute break."		MsgBox MsgText, 16, "Take A Break"		' however long the msgbox is on the screen		' the timer is effectively set to 0 when the		' user presses OK		Elapsed = GetCurrentTime()		Start = Elapsed		Elapsed = 0	End IfEnd Sub


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