Create Temporary Files

Create Temporary Files

I’m developing a database program that deals with many auxiliary files at same time. Everyone codingdatabase programs must create some temporary files to produce an output from SQL or a temporarydatabase to manipulate those records efficiently. I decided to create a FileAux function that returns onetemporary file name. If I need to create more than one file into the same process, I simply store those namesinto variables I dimensioned before:

 Function FileAux(Ext As String) _        As String        Dim i As Long, X As String        If InStr(Ext, ".") = 0 Then                Ext = "." + Ext        End If        'Look for the previous files in the         'HardDisk        i = 0        Do                 X = "Aux" + Format$(i, "0000") _                        + Ext                If FileExists(X) Then                        i = i + 1                Else                        Exit Do                End If        Loop        FileAux = XEnd Function

This function uses the “FileExists” function:

 Function FileExist(filename As String) _        As Boolean        FileExist = Dir$(filename)  ""End Function

Here’s an example of its usage:

 Sub Test()        Dim File1 As String, File2 As _                String, File3 As String        Dim DB1 As database, DB2 As DataBase        Dim FileNum As Integer        File1 = FileAux("MDB")        Set DB1 = CreateDataBase(File1)        File2 = FileAux("MDB")        Set DB2 = CreateDataBase(File2)        File3 = FileAux("TXT")        FileNum = FreeFile        Open File3 For OutPut As FileNum        'Your code        ' ...        Close FileNumEnd Sub

File1, File2, and File3 should be “Aux0001.MDB,” “Aux0002.MDB,” and “Aux0001.TXT,” respectively.


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