Overcome ODBC ErrorTip Correction-Same ol’ Story

Overcome ODBC ErrorTip Correction-Same ol’ Story

A tip on page 48 of the March 1996 issue of VBPJ statesthat an ODBC error message occurs when using VB3 with the Access2.0 compatibility layer. An error occurs if DB_SQLPASSTHROUGHis used to create a record set and then another record set iscreated without fully populating the previously opened one. Thearticle concludes by saying that the error does not occur in VB4.

I currently use the 32-bit version of VB4 which uses Jet 3.0,and this error still occurs. I use the above method to get aroundit. If you create a record set that is only going to return onerow you do not need to do this, and you can use DB_FORWARDONLY,which speeds up the query.


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