Securing a Jet Database the Right Way

To secure a Jet database, you must purchase Access 2 for VB3/VB3-16or Access 95 for VB4-32 and follow these steps:

  1. Use the Access Workgroup Administrator to create a new workgroupwith a non-null Workgroup ID.
  2. Start Access and set a password for the default Admin account.
  3. Create a new user account, adding it to the Admins group soit will have administer privileges. Remove the Admin account fromthe Admins group.
  4. Restart Access, logging on as the new user, and set a password.
  5. Run the Access Security Wizard. (For Access 2, download acopy from
  6. Create the user and group accounts for the workgroup.
  7. Set permissions on objects for the group accounts. Don’t assignany permissions to the built-in Admin user or Users group accounts.

Don’t skip any of these steps!

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