Moving Items in a List Box

Moving Items in a List Box

To change the item’s location by dragging the mouse in a listbox, follow this tip:

 Sub List1_MouseDown (Button As _        Integer, Shift As Integer, X As _        Single, Y As Single)                Old_Index = List1.ListIndex        TmpText = List1.TextEnd Sub

While the button mouse is on, this event saves the current indexand text to variables:

 Sub List1_MouseUp (Button As Integer,_        Shift As Integer, X As Single, _        Y As Single)        New_Index = List1.ListIndex        If Old_Index  New_Index Then                List1.RemoveItem Old_Index                List1.AddItem TmpText, New_Index        End IfEnd Sub

When the button mouse is off, a new variable sets the new mouselocation. To test if it is the same, remove the old item and addthe new item with the text saved in TmpText.

General Declarations:

 Dim TmpText As StringDim Old_Index As IntegerDim New_Index As Integer

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