Data Entry Becomes User Friendly: Move To The Next Cell In DBGrid Std Control

When I replaced the Apex dbGrid, with the free upgrade, TDBGridS1.OCX,I got complaints about the behavior of the grids when I enteredor edited data in TDBGrid Standard. The cell pointer stays putand highlights the text just entered. The user must press theenter key a second time or use the arrow key to move to the nextcell.

Three lines of code automatically move the cursor to the nextcell after entering or editing a cell. The grid is in the Boundmode.

1. Create a form level variable:

         Dim KC as integer

2. In the TDBGridS1_Keydown Event:

 Private Sub TDBGridS1_KeyDown(KeyCode _        As Integer, Shift As Integer)        KC = KeyCode    ' Trap the keycodeEnd Sub

3. In the TDBGridS1_AfterColEdit Event:

 Private Sub _        TDBGridS1_AfterColEdit(ByVal _                ColIndex As Integer)        ' statments go here        ' on the last line use this code:        If KC = 13 Then SendKeys "{Enter}"End Sub
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