Show Free Resources

Show Free Resources

It is sometimes useful to determine the amount of Windows resourcesavailable. You can show percentage of free resources in an about box, forexample, or to detect memory leaks in a program. The latter task requiresthat you continually update the free-resource display so that you can seewhen the amount of free resources changes. The percentage of free system resources is determined by using theWindows API function GetFreeSystemResources. The declarations for thisfunction are:

 Declare Function GetFreeSystemResources Lib "User" _ (ByValfuSysResource As Integer) As Integer Global Const GFSR_SYSTEMRESOURCES = &H0 Global Const GFSR_GDIRESOURCES = &H1 Global Const GFSR_USERRESOURCES = &H2

To continually update the display, place three labels on your form.Name the labels lblResources and set the indexes to 0, 1, and 2. Next,place a timer on your form called Timer1 and set the interval propertyto between 500 and 1500. Place this code in the timer event handler:

 Sub Timer1_Timer () Dim s As String s = CStr(GetFreeSystemResources_ (GFSR_SYSTEMRESOURCES)) lblResources(0) = "Free System _ Resources: " & s & "%" s = CStr(GetFreeSystemResources_ (GFSR_GDIRESOURCES)) lblResources(1) = "Free GDI _ Resources: " & s & "%" s = CStr(GetFreeSystemResources(GFSR_USERRESOURCES)) lblResources(2) = "Free User _ Resources: " & s & "%" End Sub


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