Use the MS Draw Applet to Draw Lines and Shapes

Rather than using Visual Basic’s line and shape objects when drawing complex graphic backgrounds on forms, use the MS Draw applet included with most Microsoft products to draw a Windows Metafile (WMF) graphic. Then paste the graphic into the form or image box.Because there are fewer objects on the form, it loads faster, is less cluttered during development, and the embedded WMF graphic rescales with no fuss if you need to resize the form. MS Draw also supports more graphical objects, such as arcs and free-form objects, than Visual Basic supports.To paste a WMF graphic into a form, select Drawing from the Insert menu of a Microsoft application, such as Works. MS Draw will start. Draw the background graphic, select all the objects by using the Select All command on the Edit menu, and copy them. In Visual Basic, select the form or image box, and paste the graphic into it.

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