Copying Menu Objects Between Forms

One problem that occurs frequently is taking the menu structure from one form and placing it in another. Although my method of dealing with this dilemma requires a little effort, it does work well. Because forms are saved as text files (always in VB4, optionally in VB3), you can open up a form in Notepad or any other text editor. An excerpt may look something like this:

 Begin VB.Menu mnuEdit 	Caption	=	"&Edit"	Begin VB.Menu mnuEditItem		Caption	=	"Cu&t"		Index	=	0		Shortcut	=	^X	End	Begin VB.Menu mnuEditItem		Caption	=	"C&opy"		Index	=	1		Shortcut	=	^C	End	Begin VB.Menu mnuEditItem		Caption	=	"&Paste"		Index	=	2		Shortcut	=	^V	EndEnd

This is a simple Edit menu with cut, copy, and paste options. You can copy this section, for example, and paste it into another form you have open in Notepad. Words to the wise: back up the files first (always be safe), and don’t randomly paste the section in the recipient form. Make sure it is between other objects defined there. For example, insert the menu where the asterisk is:

 	Top	=	-30	Width	=	7215End*  Begin MSComDlg.CommonDialog CMDialog1		Left	=	0		Top	=	0
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