Include Test Code in Your Classes

Include Test Code in Your Classes

It is important for developers to test code that they write to insurethat they are meeting the specifications for their application. Oftentest code is built in a separate program which loads and tests aparticular class. Instead, you can include test code directly insideyour class and place it in a “main” method.

When you run a Java program from the command line:

 java ApplicationStartingClass

you supply the name of the class that contains the start up code. Javaexecute a specific method in that class, the “main” method:

 public class ApplicationStartingClass{   public static void main( String[] args )   {      . . .   }}

You can use this feature of Java to embed test code inside each of theclasses that you write. If you are working developing the class Person,you can include a main method in the class, even though it will never becalled during normal use.

 public class Person{   . . .   public static void main( String[] args )   {      // include test code which exercises the class Person   }}

When you need to test your class, you simply run the class from thecommand line:

 java Person
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