Fetch Contents of URL

Fetch Contents of URL

The Java core API provides classes in the package to handle basic networking functions. The URL class represents a pointer to a network resource, like the actual address. The URL-Connection class represents a network connection to that resource. The following code takes a URL as an argument and prints its contents one line at a time:

 import*;import*;public final class FetchURL {  public static final void    main(String[] args) {    String address;    URL url;    URLConnection connection;    BufferedReader input;    address  = args[0];    try {      url = new URL(address);      connection = url.openConnection();      input = new BufferedReader(      new InputStreamReader(      connection.getInputStream()));      while((address =       input.readLine()) != null)      System.out.println(address);    } catch(IOException e) {      e.printStackTrace();    }  }}


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