Maintain Username and Password

Maintain Username and Password

Due to a minor bug, the Internet Transfer Control cannot use the username and password properties if they are set before the URL property. Because of this, you should always set the URL property first. This code will fail:

 Inet1.Password = "Chicken_Feet"Inet1.UserName = "JohnnyW"Inet1.URL = FTP://ftp.32X.comInet1.Text = Inet1.OpenURL

This code, however, should work properly:

 Inet1.URL = FTP://ftp.32X.comInet1.Password = "Chicken_Feet"Inet1.UserName = "JohnnyW"Inet1.Text = Inet1.OpenURL

The first section of code fails because the URL is set after the username and password are set. The second section of code works because the URL is set first.


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