Add Right-Click Functionality

Add Right-Click Functionality

By default, the right-click functionality needed for What’s This? Help is not available in VB. Selecting a menu command from a context menu created for the button lets you display the What’s This? Help topic when the user right-clicks on a command button. First, set the WhatsThisHelp property of the form to True. Place a CommandButton control on the form. Using the Menu Editor, create a menu with a top-level invisible item named mnuBtnContextMenu, and a submenu named mnuBtnWhatsThis with a caption of “What’s This?”. Finally, place this code in the MouseUp event of the command button:

 Private ThisControl As ControlPrivate Sub Command1_MouseUp(Button As _	Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)	If Button = vbRightButton Then	Set ThisControl = Command1	PopupMenu mnuBtnContextMenu	End If	Set ThisControl = NothingEnd SubPrivate Sub mnuBtnWhatsThis_Click()	ThisControl.ShowWhatsThisEnd Sub


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