Clear a Masked Edit Box

Clear a Masked Edit Box

To blank out the text in a masked edit box, make sure the string you assign uses underscores matching the mask. It’s difficult to maintain code when you have to change a mask; you have to find all the locations where you cleared the masked edit control in your code. To fix this problem, simply get rid of the mask, clear the contents, then restore the mask. Use this subroutine to clear the text of any masked edit box; just pass in the control:

 Public Sub ClearMaskEdBox(oMaskEdBox As MaskEdBox)	Dim sTemp As String	With oMaskEdBox		sTemp = .Mask		.Mask = ""		.Text = ""		.Mask = sTemp	End WithEnd Sub'Sample Call:Private Sub cmdClear_Click()	ClearMaskEdBox MaskEdBox1	MaskEdBox1.SetFocusEnd Sub


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