Leverage Office to Spellcheck RichText

Integrate Microsoft Word 97’s spellchecking capability into VB apps while maintaining formatting within a rich textbox. To test this code:
1. Create a standard EXE project in VB.
2. Add the RichTextBox control from the Components menu.
3. Add a reference to the Microsoft Word 8.0 Object Library.
4. Drop a RichTextBox and a CommandButton onto the form.
5. Rename the RichTextBox to rtfText.
6. Change the caption of the CommandButton to Spell Check.
7. In the Click event of the CommandButton, add the next code listing.
8. Save and run the project.
9. Type some text in the RTF box and click on the CommandButton to check the spelling.

 On Error GoTo SpellCheckErr	Dim oWord As Object	Set oWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")	'Save the RTF Box contents to a temporary file	rtfText.SaveFile "C:TEST.RTF", rtfRTF	'Open the saved document and spellcheck it	oWord.Documents.Open ("C:TEST.RTF")	oWord.ActiveDocument.SpellingChecked = False	oWord.Options.IgnoreUppercase = False	oWord.ActiveDocument.CheckSpelling	'Save the changes to the RTF file & close	oWord.ActiveDocument.Save	oWord.ActiveDocument.Close	oWord.Quit	'Load the changes back to the rtf text box.	rtfText.LoadFile "C:TEST.RTF", rtfRTF	Set oWord = Nothing	Screen.MousePointer = vbDefault	MsgBox "Spell Check is complete", _		vbInformation, "Spell Check"	Exit SubSpellCheckErr:	MsgBox Err.Description, vbCritical, _		"Spell Check"	Set oWord = Nothing
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