Display Proprietary Information in a WebBrowser Control Without an HTML File

Display Proprietary Information in a WebBrowser Control Without an HTML File

When using the WebBrowser control in VB, you might want to present information without having that data accessible to the end user. In this case, you can simply insert the HTML code directly into the control. First create a blank document within the control, then set the HTML text directly-you don’t need an external HTML file. This method also protects your HTML code; if users choose to View Source, all they see is ““:

 Private Sub Form_Load()	Dim strHTMLText As String	' Create a blank document in the WebBrowser 	' control	WebBrowser1.Navigate2 "about:Blank"	' Web browser may take awhile to process each 	' command	DoEvents	On Error GoTo WaitAwhileLonger	' Set the backcolor here	WebBrowser1.Document.body.bgcolor = "#000000"	' Set the HTML Text through code or from a 	' Database	strHTMLText = "" & vbCrLf & _		"" & vbCrLf & _		"Common Controls Replacement" & _		"Project" & vbCrLf & _		"" & vbCrLf & "" & _		"

_ _ The Common Controls " & _ "Replacement Project

" _ & "

_ " & _ "

" & _ vbCrLf & "" strHTMLText = strHTMLText & "" & vbCrLf ' Send the HTML Text to directly to the ' WebBrowser Control WebBrowser1.Document.body.innerhtml = _ strHTMLTextExit SubWaitAwhileLonger: Debug.Print Hex(Err.Number), Err.Description DoEvents ResumeEnd Sub

The WebBrowser control sometimes needs a little “encouragement” to fully finish the last task assigned before you can proceed with the next. That’s the purpose of the error trap, which allows the WebBrowser a chance to catch its breath before attempting operations again.

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