Load an HTML Page From Within an Applet

Applets are executed within a web browser, and there’s an easy way to load show a specific URL.

1. Get a reference to the applet context
2. Call the showDocument method with a URL object as parameter.

The following code snippet shows you how this can be done.

 public class anApplet extends Applet {         //the applet code goes here         // Show a page         public void showPage (String aPage)         //aPage should contained address of the HTML page to be shown         {                 URL url = null;                 // Create  URL object                 try                 {                        url = new URL (aPage);                 }                 catch (MalformedURLException e)                 {                         //handle exception                 }                                         // Show URL                 if (url != null)                 {                         getAppletContext().showDocument (url);                 }         } } 
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