Display Graphics Using the colorDepth Property

Display Graphics Using the colorDepth Property

Browsers Targeted: Internet Explorer 4+

Designing effective Web graphics is always a challenge?you want to provide the best looking graphics on all platforms, but when one person runs their browser in 8-bit color (for example, 8 bits or one byte to represent a look-up table of colors) and another runs it at 32-bit color, providing the best experience for both of them can prove difficult. One way to partially circumvent this problem is to use the screen.colorDepth property. This read-only property queries the system and returns the number of bits per pixel currently set.


Once you have the color depth, you can use this information to set the characteristics of images to display at a higher color depth. For example, this script will automatically load a low color-depth image first, then if the resolution supports it, it will load the higher resolution image:



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