Fix VID Connections on NT Server

Fix VID Connections on NT Server

Users of Visual InterDev sometimes report getting an error message when they try to create a new project. The error claims that there is no Web named “”. This can happen if the FrontPage Server Extensions are corrupted. Try these fixes:

  1. Using the FrontPage Server Administrator, do a Check and Fix and let it tighten the security.
  2. Reinstall the FP Extensions from your Visual InterDev 6 CD.
  3. Reinstall the Windows NT Option Pack and update it with the latest NT Server service pack.

These fixes take time, but sometimes reinstalling software is faster than spending hours trying to figure out what went wrong. Keep in mind that Visual InterDev wants to see the FrontPage 98 extensions. Don’t count on the FrontPage 2000 extensions alone.

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