Load a Combo Box Array With a Compound Recordset in One Call

Load a Combo Box Array With a Compound Recordset in One Call

This code takes an array of combo boxes and fills them using a compound recordset. This allows all combo boxes on a form to be loaded with one sub call. Match the recordsets in the same order as the combo boxes in the array. Specify the display item as the first field, and ItemData as the second field in the select statements:

 Sub FillComboBoxArray(cbArray As Variant, rsCbo _	As ADODB.Recordset)	Dim cb As ComboBox	For Each cb In cbArray		cb.Clear		If rsCbo.Fields.Count = 1 Then 			' If only 1 column then no index			Do Until rsCbo.EOF				cb.AddItem rsCbo(0)				rsCbo.MoveNext			Loop		Else			Do Until rsCbo.EOF  				' If 2 fields then 2nd is index				cb.AddItem rsCbo(0)				' Numbers only				If IsNumeric(rsCbo(1)) Then _					cb.ItemData(cb.NewIndex) = rsCbo(1)				rsCbo.MoveNext			Loop		End If		Set rsCbo = rsCbo.NextRecordset	Next	Set rsCbo = NothingEnd Sub

Here’s an example of how to create a compound resultset and call the FillComboArray subroutine:

 Private Sub Form_Load()	Dim sql As String	Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset	Dim cn As ADODB.Connection	Set cn = New ADODB.Connection	With cn		.ConnectionString = "driver={SQL Server};" & _			"server=YOURSERVER;uid=sa;" & "pwd=;database=pubs"		.Open	End With	sql = "SELECT au_lname FROM Authors; " & _		"SELECT lname, job_id FROM Employee; " & _		"SELECT pub_name FROM Publishers"	Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset	rs.Open sql, cn	FillComboBoxArray cboData, rsEnd Sub
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