Defining Hot Spots on an Image to Create a Client-side Image Map

Defining Hot Spots on an Image to Create a Client-side Image Map

Microsoft FrontPage makes it easy to define hot spots on a JPG or GIF image. In just a few steps, you can put a graphic to work on your page by converting it into an Image Map – graphic that contains multiple hyperlinks to other pages.

Begin by importing your image into a page in the FrontPage Editor. Click on the image once to both select it and activate the Image toolbar. Next, select the Rectangle icon from the Image toolbar, and then just click and drag over the area you want to define as a hot spot. When you release the mouse button, FrontPage will display the Create Hyperlink dialog box. Here, you can create a link to another page on the current FrontPage Web or to any page on the World Wide Web.

To finish building your Image Map, simply repeat these steps for each link you want to create.

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