Kill the Browser’s Offset Bug

On May 9, Mark Williams contributed the following:

Manoj Singh’s tip to “Kill the Browser’s Offset Bug” was only partially correct. You can fix this “bug” under Netscape as well as under IE, but the tag attribute names are different for Netscape.

For IE, the tip says:

 "IE lets you compensate for the problem by forcing the attributes.
Just place LEFTMARGIN=0 TOPMARGIN=0 within your tag. "

This can also be done for Netscape (including Netscape 6 Preview Release 1). Just place MARGINWIDTH=”0″ MARGINHEIGHT=”0″ within your tag.

If you do not know which browser your HTML will be rendered in, include both sets of attributes in the tag and your document will render correctly, regardless of the browser.

Tip originally written by Manoj K. Singh:

While designing pages, you’ve probably noticed that things don’t abut against the margins the same way in all browsers. The problem is due to the fact that virtually every browser on almost every platform has a different built-in “browser offset.” That is, the browser starts placing a page’s content a certain distance down from the top of the screen and a certain distance in from the left. The differences can vary by up to 15 pixels.

IE lets you compensate for the problem by forcing the attributes. Just place LEFTMARGIN=0 TOPMARGIN=0 within your tag.

Unfortunately, Navigator doesn’t handle these tags; with this browser, you just have to live with the inconvenience.

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