Accessing and Modifying System Properties with SQL-J

Accessing and Modifying System Properties with SQL-J

You can access Java system properties within your queries (most useful when running in embedded mode; in server mode, you will see the server’s properties, not the client’s).

 VALUES (CLASS java.lang.System).getProperty('jdbc.drivers') 

Also, there are useful utility functions on the basic types, so you can get system properties in the desired data type:

  VALUES TRUE.getBoolean('weblogic.verbose') To find out the system directory: VALUES (CLASS java.lang.System).getProperty('cloudscape.system.home',(CLASS java.lang.System).getProperty('user.dir'))

To find out the canonical path of the system directory:

 VALUES NEW java.lang.System).getProperty('cloudscape.system.home', (CLASS java.lang.System).getProperty('user.dir'))).getCanonicalPath()

You can also modify system properties this way:

 CALL (CLASS java.lang.System).getProperties().put('', '8192'


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