Avoid Increment/Decrement Operators in Expressions

Avoid Increment/Decrement Operators in Expressions

You should avoid usage of increment and decrement operators inside other expressions. Increment operator (++) adds 1 to the current valueof the variable and decrement operator (–) subtracts 1 from it. There are two forms in which these operatorscan be used postfix and prefix.

The difference between these two forms appears when they are used inside expressions. The prefix form does the addition (or subtraction) first; the postfix form evaluates to the old value of the variable before incrementing (or decrementing) it.

I think usage of these operators inside other expressionsresults in less readable code which at times also causes bugs that are real hard to nail down.

Consider following scenario:

 int i = 10, j = 10;int m = (2 * ++i);	// m becomes 22 and i is 11int n = (2 * j++);	// n becomes 20 and j is 11


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