Convert Unix Dates to Readable Format

Convert Unix Dates to Readable Format

Unix systems keep dates in a single number format that represents the numberof seconds past January 1, 1970. January 1, 1970 is considered the EPOC and is the date that Unix systems base their dates. So for example, the date902243157 translates to the human readable Aug-04-1998 15:05:57.000.

Since this date format is not easily readable, and some database vendors don’t support it, the developer is required to reformat the date. Fortunately,this can be easily done in very similar manners using T-SQL on SQL Server,VBScript, or Visual Basic. Use the DateAdd function to perform theTranslation:

 /*T-SQL*/ Declare @ld_Date  DateSet @ld_Date = DateAdd(SECOND,Date, '01/01/1970')
 'Visual Basic/VBScriptDim dateFormatDateFormat = DateAdd("s",Date, "01/01/1970")


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