How to Convert ADO RecordSet into the HTML Table

How to Convert ADO RecordSet into the HTML Table

The following code converts an ADO recordset into an HTML table by using the GetString function of the recordset. This method does not involve the looping or MoveNext method; it directly converts the recordset into the HTML table.

This code also demonstrates how we can create an HTML table column heading from the Fields Collection of a recordset.

 Database=USTEST;Server=Softech_sql;UID=sa;PWD=;"rs.CursorLocation=adUseClientrs.CursorType=adOpenStaticrs.LockType=adLockOptimisticrs.Source="Select ItMas_Id AS 'Item Id', 
ItMas_Name AS 'Item Name',
ItMas_Code AS 'Item Code',
PGrpM_Name AS 'Group Name'
from ItemMas Inner Join PGrp_Mas
on ItemMas.Itmas_pgrpid=Pgrp_Mas.Pgrpm_id
where pgrpm_id=33"rs.Openresponse.write ""for each f in rs.fieldsresponse.write ""nextresponse.write ""response.write "
" & & "
"response.write rs.getstring(,50,"",
")response.write "


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