Avoid the Loss of CSS Style in Netscape V4.x

Avoid the Loss of CSS Style in Netscape V4.x

Sometimes it is very helpful to use a JavaScript feature that supports adding properties to build-in prototype “Objects” at runtime. It is generally known that Netscape 4.x has problems in saving the CSS style when the user resizes the view of the browser’s frame.
The only safe solution I know is to reload the page. To avoid the problem mentioned above, include the following script in your HTML-files (directly in a script container tag or by script-tag using the src-attribute in the header) that will be performed before any content of your page will be shown.

 /*****************************************************//* Init the save window size for Netscape V4.x       *//*****************************************************/function onInnerResize(){	if ((window.saveInnerWidth != window.innerWidth) ||(window.saveInnerHeight != window.innerHeight)) {		window.location.reload();	}	window.saveInnerWidth  = window.innerWidth;	window.saveInnerHeight = window.innerHeight;	return(false);}function initSaveInnerSize(){	if (window.document.layers) {		window.saveInnerWidth  = window.innerWidth;		window.saveInnerHeight = window.innerHeight;		window.onresize = onInnerResize;	}}/*****************************************************//* Add saveInnerSize at runtime                      *//*****************************************************/initSaveInnerSize();

When the browser loads the script, it calls “initSaveInnerSize()”. Only in Netscape4, the current window size (window.innerWidth and window.innerHeight) is saved in new window prototype properties (named saveInnerWidth and saveInnerHeight). Then, the onresize event is registered to call the “onInnerResize()” method. If called, “onInnerResize()” inquires if the window size has changed and reloads the page if necessary. The new window size is then saved again.


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