Execute a SQL Server DTS Package Remotely

Execute a SQL Server DTS Package Remotely

You can easily execute a SQL Server 7.0 Data Transformation Services (DTS) package from VB remotely:

  1. Create a DTS package. It can be an import from Excel into SQL Server.
  2. Set a reference to Microsoft DTS Package Object Library in any VB project. You might need to load SQL Server on the development machine.
  3. Use the LoadFromSQLServer method on the package object:
Private Sub cmdRefreshCustomers_Click()Dim oPackage As New DTS.PackageOn Error GoTo eh'Load the package that we created previously ' ("Customer_List").'Use the global variables for SQL Server name, UserID, 'and Password.oPackage.LoadFromSQLServer sServername, sUid, sPwd, _	DTSSQLStgFlag_Default, _	"", "", "", "Customer_List", 0'Execute the PackageoPackage.ExecuteMsgBox oPackage.Description, vbInformation, _	"Re-import Excel sheet."'Clean up.Set oPackage = NothingExit Subeh:MsgBox Err.Description, vbCritical, _	"Error refreshing Customer List"'For more sophisticated sample VB code with DTS, go 'to the SQL Server 7 CD and browse these folders: 'devtoolssamplesdtsdtsempl1 or 2 or 3.End Sub

This is a simple, powerful way to take advantage of any DTS package.


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