Bind a group of OptionButtons to a Data control

Bind a group of OptionButtons to a Data control

You can’t directly bind a group of OptionButton controls to a Data control, RDO Data control or ADO Data control. However, you can work around this limitation by adding an hidden TextBox control and add a few lines of code:

Private Sub optRadioButton_Click(Index As Integer)    ' change the contents of the hidden TextBox control    txtHidden.Text = Trim$(Index)End SubPrivate Sub txtHidden_Change()    ' Select the OptionButton corresponding to the value    ' that the Data control is assigning to the hidden TextBox    On Error Resume Next    optRadioButton(CInt(txtHidden.Text)).Value = TrueEnd Sub

You can use the same trick to indirectly bind any other type of control to a numeric or string database field, for example a scrollbar, the caption of a Frame, the size or position of a Shape control, the position of a Slider control, etc.

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