Replicate a complete COM+ catalog to another machine

The Component Services MMC gives you an easy way to export and import COM+ applications. However, if you want to export the entire COM+ catalog to one or more systems on your LAN you can do it quickly with the COMREPL command-line utility, which you can find in the c:windowssystem32com directory. The syntax of this utility is straightforward:

    COMREPL source targetList [/n [/v]]

where source is the name of the source computer, targetList is the space-delimited list of target computers. The /n option tells COMREPL not to ask for confirmation prompts, and the /v options echoes log output to the console.

The COMREPL utility replicates all COM+ utilities found on the source computer, except for COM+ preinstalled applications. The replication processes creates a perfect copy of the COM+ catalog, therefore deleting any other application installed on target systems.

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