EmptyRecycleBin – Delete all files in the Recycle Bin

EmptyRecycleBin – Delete all files in the Recycle Bin

Private Declare Function SHEmptyRecycleBin Lib "shell32.dll" Alias _    "SHEmptyRecycleBinA" (ByVal hWnd As Long, ByVal pszRootPath As String, _    ByVal dwFlags As Long) As LongConst SHERB_NOCONFIRMATION = &H1Const SHERB_NOPROGRESSUI = &H2Const SHERB_NOSOUND = &H4' Empty all the files in the Recycle Bin.'' If RootPath is a null string, it affects the Recycle Bin ' of all drives. You can optionally turn off confirmation dialogs, ' progress dialog, and soundsSub EmptyRecycleBin(ByVal RootPath As String, Optional NoConfirmation As _    Boolean, Optional NoProgress As Boolean, Optional NoSound As Boolean)    Dim hWnd As Long, flags As Long    ' get the handle of the active window, or zero    On Error Resume Next    hWnd = Screen.ActiveForm.hWnd    ' add a colon and backslash, if missing    If Len(RootPath) > 0 And Mid$(RootPath, 2, 2) <> ":" Then        RootPath = Left$(RootPath, 1) & ":"    End If    ' build the flags argument    flags = (NoConfirmation And SHERB_NOCONFIRMATION) Or (NoProgress And _        SHERB_NOPROGRESSUI) Or (NoSound And SHERB_NOSOUND)    SHEmptyRecycleBin hWnd, RootPath, flagsEnd Sub

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