DriveType – Determine the type of a drive

DriveType – Determine the type of a drive

Private Declare Function GetDriveType Lib "kernel32" Alias "GetDriveTypeA" _    (ByVal lpRootPathName As String) As LongConst DRIVE_UNKNOWN = 0      ' type can't be determinedConst DRIVE_NO_ROOT_DIR = 1  ' wrong argumentConst DRIVE_REMOVABLE = 2Const DRIVE_FIXED = 3Const DRIVE_REMOTE = 4Const DRIVE_CDROM = 5Const DRIVE_RAMDISK = 6' Determine the type of a drive. If you pass a null string it returns' the type of the current drive'' Returns one of the DRIVE_* constants, and stores in the optional' DriveDescription argument a textual description of the resultFunction DriveType(ByVal DriveName As String, Optional DriveDescription As _    String) As Long    If Len(DriveName) = 0 Then        ' use NULL if a null string has been passed (default drive)        DriveName = vbNullString    Else        ' otherwise always provide a colon and backslash        DriveName = Left$(DriveName, 1) & ":"    End If        DriveType = GetDriveType(DriveName)    Select Case DriveType        Case DRIVE_UNKNOWN            DriveDescription = "(unknown)"        Case DRIVE_REMOVABLE            DriveDescription = "Removable Drive"        Case DRIVE_FIXED            DriveDescription = "Fixed Drive"        Case DRIVE_REMOTE            DriveDescription = "Remote Drive"        Case DRIVE_CDROM            DriveDescription = "CD-ROM"        Case DRIVE_RAMDISK            DriveDescription = "RAM Disk"        Case Else            ' this includes the DRIVE_NO_ROOT_DIR case            DriveDescription = ""    End SelectEnd Function

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