StripExtendedASCII – Delete extended ASCII characters in a string

' Strip all extended ASCII characters' (that is, all characters whose ASCII code is > 127)'Function StripExtendedASCII(source As String) As String    Dim index As Long    Dim bytes() As Byte        ' the fastest way to process this string    ' is copy it into an array of Bytes    bytes() = source    For index = 0 To UBound(bytes) Step 2        ' if this is an extended ASCII character        If bytes(index) > 127 Or bytes(index + 1) <> 0 Then            ' convert this char to Chr$(255)            bytes(index) = 255            bytes(index + 1) = 0        End If    Next        ' return this string, after filtering out all Chr$(255) chars    StripExtendedASCII = Replace(bytes(), Chr$(255), "")            End Function

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