ListBoxTooltip – A class for displaying items’ values in a tooltip

ListBoxTooltip – A class for displaying items’ values in a tooltip

' --- The ListBoxTooltip class'' Usage in the client form:''    Dim lstTT As New ListBoxTooltip''    Private Sub Form_Load()'        Set lstTT.ListBox = List1'      End Sub'    Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)'        Set lstTT.ListBox = Nothing'    End SubPublic WithEvents ListBox As ListBoxPrivate Sub ListBox_MouseMove(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, _    Y As Single)    Dim oldFont As StdFont, itemIndex As Long        ' since a listbox doesn't have a TextHeight method    ' we must borrow it from its Parent    With ListBox.Parent        Set oldFont = .Font        Set .Font = ListBox.Font        ' determine which element the mouse is on        itemIndex = Y  .TextHeight("A") + ListBox.TopIndex        ' restore fonts        Set .Font = oldFont    End With        ' set the tooltip to the current item's string    If itemIndex < ListBox.ListCount Then        ListBox.ToolTipText = ListBox.List(itemIndex)    Else        ListBox.ToolTipText = ""    End IfEnd Sub

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