Creating Simple Animation

Creating Simple Animation

How do I get four simple .bmp pictures to animate?Could you maybe give me an example? What the picturesare is a green scare then it would turn into a green square with a purple one inside of it until it had allfour squares inside one another then it stops. Help.

Well, the quickest way to do it is this: put a timer control on your form. Set the interval to the number of milliseconds you want to wait before showing the next picture… probably around 500 for a half second. Put all four pictures in a PicClip control (or in a hidden array of 4 picture controls). Put a picture control where you want the animation to be. When the Timer event fires change the Picture property of the last picture control to equal the proper PicClip or array cell.Make sure you have a static variable in the event to keep track of iterations (since you want the animation to stop).


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